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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Zune's "Mixed Reception"

Microsoft "has to build momentum" to establish Zune as a music platform to rival iPod in the long term, said Mike McGuire, an analyst at Gartner. "If they don't make a dent this Christmas, they'll have to move fast" to improve the product.

Launched little more than two weeks ago, the player and accompanying online music service were developed and rushed out for the Christmas season in just eight months after Microsoft made an about-turn in its digital music strategy.
-- Microsoft 'may need a rethink' on Zune

Maybe they should rethink: song squirting? I think I read that on the net last week and treated it, fnord style, like it didn't exist. Then I heard it on the news again and realized it was actually real. Zune might have some potential - but right now it's main feature is pretty much useless as it assumes there's a lot of Zunes out there to "squirt" with (which there isn't) and has a really stupid name.

If anything, Zune should take any success it has early on as a sign that Microsoft's brand is being welcomed by gadget lovers - probably thanks to the emergence of the Xbox line to the console stage. I don't think that means "song squirting" can enjoy similar name acceptance.

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