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Friday, December 08, 2006

November NPD Sales Figures: Wii, PS3, 360, PSP

Keep in mind, these numbers are influenced strongly by supply (or the lack thereof) for certain machines. Judge for yourself -- at least for now -- how much influence price and demographics are having.

Nintendo DS: 918,000 units.   
PlayStation 2: 664,000.   
Game Boy Advance: 641,000.   
Xbox 360: 511,000.   
Wii: 476,000.   
PlayStation Portable: 412,000.   
PlayStation 3: 197,000.
-- A+E Interactive: PlayStation, Wii, DS and other sales numbers, including a stunning GBA total

Couple thoughts:

The DS is just a powerhouse - and I'm with Mike here ... that GBA number is pretty impressive too considering it's nearly abandoned at this point. The numbers also illustrate a couple other things - the PS2 will still carry a lot of weight for Sony through the near future and the 360 simply can't be selling as well as Microsoft would hope. Not only can it not muster it's way into the top three - the Wii is nipping at it's heels here. Early next year could reveal some very interesting numbers if Nintendo can get supplies into stateside.

The PSP is hard to look at. Is half of DS sales the signs of it's complete inability to keep pace or simply signs of life? You could look at it as either half of DS sales or just under Wii sales. It's one of those numbers that's like ... just there.

And clearly, the lowball of lowball estimates on Sony's supply of PlayStation 3's were pretty much right on. Launch? What launch ... for a product launch you need to be able to produce a product.

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