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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Purity Of Essence

The Girl snuck a small bottle of Purell into my pocket this morning. This is a biological solution to the germ warfare that is my office. Of my co-workers, 90% of them have kids, 50% of those have multiple kids and 80% of those kids attend some kind of day care. Do the math. Avian flu? I probably had that last week.

I have been trying to use it, but I just dropped a large splot (technical term) onto the keyboard's (useless) plastic wristpad. Do I:

A) Go ahead and smear some on my hands off the keyboard? I mean, can Purell get ... tainted? Isn't dirty Purell like a virgin cocktail?

B) Rub the Purell into the wristpad, hoping to make a sterile environment anyway?

C) Wipe off the Purell, toss into can and make a silent Buddhist prayer for all those fallen bacteria?

I just don't know.



Michael Birk said...

Wow, you really like blogging, huh?

Damnit, I came here to rave about how great this week's LOST episode was! Now you're going to make me wait until tomorrow?

By the way, how does The Girl like being publicly referred to as "The Girl"? Just curious ;-P

Josh said...

She's never actually voiced an opinion on it, but I make sure to keep capitalizing it to keep on the safe side.