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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Supply and Demand

I find this report from Kotaku about 360 supplies highly entertaining. Basically, Best Buy and Toys R Us have some 360s in stock ... but are holding out for a big promo. Meanwhile, Target and Wal-Mart are blissfully putting them on shelves. Others, like GameStop, seem to either still be out or not shelving them either.

This is just like when The Brother wanted Metroid: Hunters and Best Buy told him they'd face legal action if they sold him one before March 25th. So he went over to Target and walked home with one. Today when I went by Best Buy, they had plenty of Metroid: Hunters on the shelves ... but no 360's. In fact, their demo unit was displaying a high resolution image of a black and white system error screaming for someone to fix it, however all the employees were busy buying candy bars are using the word "lame" every other word to save it from its fate.

I'm no econ expert, but not selling something that can be purchased by your competitor just down the road seems unintelligent. Increase the stupid with things like bundle tricks and you're proving that these days business doesn't have to be smart as much as it has to be big. There weren't any signs indicating that the 360 launch would relaunch in April, only this time with units available.

Times like these I know why I do most of my shopping on the net.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

It was March 30th that the Best Buy clerk told me that was the release date for MP:H. The clerk at Target chuckled and said, 'so sue me,' as he rang it up.

While I was on the hunt for MP:H, I was looking around my local EB, and listened to someone who wanted to buy a 360. Basically, the deal was, they could get one, it wouldn't be soon but it wouldn't be too long, and they had to pay up front.

This sort of thing is why I've been buying used consoles a generation behind the the curve.