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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

That's Cold, Microsoft

Just read on Joystiq (oddly spared from the work proxy) that Microsoft may not allow Rare titles on the Revolution. Oh sure, I understand how this makes oodle of sense from a business point of view. Don't aid the competition and what not. It still would be just plain mean, and not as much to Nintendo but mostly to us gamers who followed Rare well before Microsoft pulled out the golden checkbook to steal some talent for their console. Do they think this would make me more likely to buy modern Rare titles? I think not.

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Jason "Botswana" Cox said...

Isn't this what they did with Bungie? Hey, how is Halo for the Mac? Heh.

Josh said...

Actually, Halo for the Mac is pretty good, albeit just slightly aged right now. But it even ran decent on my little Mac Mini (with extremely low settings, mind you).

Not that it's the Halo I read about for like a year which would have been released right away on the Mac and featured enormous, epic, third person sci fi battles. Still waiting on that one...