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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Do You Need A 360 Cooler?

Nyko has introduced this 360 Cooler, essentially a massive fan strapped to the backside which reduces the internal temp of a 360 by ten degrees or so. Is this really necessary? If your 360 requires this for normal play ... isn't it defective and therefore should be, you know, replaced? I don't get it.

Is there really a systemic problem beyond Microsoft's control that requires third party solutions or is this just a vendor trying to cash in on Internet hype about isolated cases?

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Weefz said...

Doesn't need it for normal play but a friend of mine had his 360 running for about 12 hours straight over the weekend. Load times got progressively slower and slower as the day went on until it took as long as 5 minutes to load up an area in Oblivion. It was turned off overnight, played the next day and load times were back to 20 seconds and similar. We think it was probably due to overheating. Anyone got other suggestions?

Josh said...

Certainly sounds like overheating. Only thing I've seen on the net is to practically hang the power brick so that it gets properly ventilated. But if the CPU is slowing down, then it's an internal case problem ... so additional fans are about the only fix. Unless you crack the case, as I had to on my old Windows PC ... but I can't see that as a recommend solution. My old box had enough cat hair to form a new feline component.