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Monday, March 27, 2006

Impediments To Productivity

Wow, was it hard to get stuff done over this weekend. We didn't have any guests or plans ... but the combined temptation of Metroid: Hunters (still unpurchased), Tetris DS (still unpurchased) and Guild Wars: Factions ... ouch. Not to mention the usual draw of Animal Crossing and the other half dozen games I haven't finished.

I was mostly guilty of playing X-Men Legends II with The Girl a bit on Sunday. We discovered a more than annoying bug, by the way. If someone else has done everything in the Madri Temple without your knowledge, so you don't go right back to the Madri Temple ... you can never get to that boss fight. Annoying? Yeah.

I did get through one complete edit of the Lovecraft IF, though. I have two new passages to write and then a couple of decently sized edits which have to permeate through (like an object being in a different place). I was going to have The Girl do a complete read on the printout, but we talked about it and I'd rather have her go through the interactive version a couple of times, otherwise it might spoil the full experience.

Big trip back to the homestead this weekend though, so I'm going to have to try and finalize it before then.

And pick up Metroid: Hunters along the way...

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