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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Theory About GameFly

GameFly is really testing my patience. Their delivery time for rentals is averaging at over two weeks, which is honestly the time it would take me to get a game from Best Buy, take it home, play it, go back to Best Buy and wait in their godawful customer service line for an hour to get store credit and repeat the process. Pain? Sure, but it would save me the monthly fee and be just as speedy.

However, I did just recently pay to "keep" Electroplankton and they sent the case and manual for that in like four days. So I know it's nothing to do with the shipping line between my house and GameFly HQ. So my theory is that GameFly isn't really interested in renting games anymore, they just want you to buy used titles from them. This theory is supported by the fact that if you rent a game from them, and then order the box and manuals ... the box will get to your place first.

Not sure if I'll quit them completely or not yet, but they're on the ropes.

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