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Monday, February 06, 2006

Your Assignment: Build A Mutant Squirrel

Brian McCabe, a full-time student, is taking courses in art, math, physics and computer science.
His homework: Make sure that Sparky, a radioactive squirrel, has the capabilities needed to defeat the evil aliens polluting his forest home.

‘‘It can be overwhelming at times," said McCabe, laughing. ‘‘But the fun parts make up for it."

The 30-year-old, who wants to create video games, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in game art and design from the Art Institute Online, a division of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

These stories seem to be getting more prevalent, as the mainstream gets a good chuckle at the idea of someone being graded for creating teenage mutant protaganists. Course, as more programs get into the academia and more contests spark competition between them, colleges might become really good environments for keeping gaming innovative. These days, in fact, I think we're saying a lot more innovation from the school programs than from the mod community.

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