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Monday, February 06, 2006

Wired on Vaporware

Wired's got a great feature on the the vaporware of 2005. The fan favorite Optimus keyboard, Team Fortress 2 and Google's entire beta offering makes the list. And yes, a certain shooter from a certain company makes the list. Personally, I'm still hoping we can keep that joke going on forever.

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Clamatius said...

>keep that joke going on forever.
As it were.

Your link is broken, btw.

I think of the vapourware list, the only 2 that matter to me are:

* TiVo - TV is unwatchable without it and thus for me, HDTV is also currently unwatchable. Hopefully Series 3 won't weigh in at the $1k mark like the DirecTV model did.

* Windows Vista - for professional rather than personal reasons.

Josh said...

Fixed, thanks.

I'm not sure many of them really hit me. I don't have an HDTV, I'm not hopping to replace my Windows, the Phantom didn't even interest me when I pondered if it would ever be real.

Eventually, though, TiVo definately needs to get it's act together and get up with the times. I love my DirectTV+Tivo to death, but I can already see how demands are changing.