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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lost: The Two Titles

Might be the worst title I've ever written...

Last night's episode was another that was pretty good as a standalone, but didn't offer much up to the "mystery". Still, it's hard to complain about a good Sawyer episode and I think we're definately seeing the slow decay of the resort lifestyle of the survivors. As Ana put it, the problem is that they aren't scared enough.

But they sure are getting edgy. Charlie has gone all Darth Hobbit. Locke and Jack are in some weird power struggle ... oh and Jack is forming a militia. Sawyer just p0wnd everyone. Kate is imagining horses. That you can touch. One has to wonder if the Others, or the Other Others, or going to bother with them or just wait to see if they tear each other apart.

That reminds me. If Bearded Guy's group are ex Hanso employees (assumed from the quote) ... then one would assume that they know where the hatch is and what it's purpose might be. They even eluded to such when addressing Locke.

Well, if you had lived on an island with a machine capable of destroying the world (as Desmond insisted) ... and group of strangers just took up camp next to that deadman's swtich ... would you just sit idly by while they inevitable screw up and destroy the world?

So, my guess is that whatever the countdown does ... might not be all that catastrophic.

For the eagle eyed, two books were featured prominently. The first was "Owl Creek Bridge", which is actually "An Occurance At Owl Creek River", which is a short story by Ambrose Bierce about (spoiler) a man who has his life flashing before his eyes while being hung. One could easily take this as a hint that perhaps all the survivors are dead ... or dying ... and that this is some kind of near death shared phenomena. A kind sci fi purgatory as opposed to a religious one, if you will. Personally, I'm not buying it. It's even more of a stretch than just straight out purgatory ... so what would be the point.

Also, The Girl pointed out that all the pages in the book are blank. Maybe a nod that there is nothing there? Or maybe the Dharma guys like fake books.

The other one was the manuscript for Bad Twin, which is a mystery novel by "Gary Troup" ... a fictional writer who was on Flight 815. While this is kinda interesting from a metafiction point of view, I haven't seen anything indicating that Bad Twin really ties into the mystery well (considering the book was sent along before the crash, not surprising).

So basically, it's advertisement so that ABC's sister Hyperion can cash in a bit on the success.

This is still one of my favorite shows, but I just don't feel this season has had the tension of last season. I'd say next episode looks like it will get there, but I was saying that last week.

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Brinstar said...

Man, Sawyer is just so ARGH. Awesome. I love him and I hate him.

Charlie is crazy. He's gone nuts.

How long before everyone else starts down a dark path?

Josh said...

I'm kinda guessing that the project is intentionally testing them to see if they'll snap, to weed out the weak and unfit for some purpose.

What purpose? I dunno, but I'm assuming we haven't really seen much of the island and that for the most part they've stuck to areas around the coastline.

The only exception is when they went after Michael and he went in a direction completely different than before. And that's when Zeke told them they couldn't cross that line.

So it's not the hatch Zeke is concerned with. Or the beaches. So something on the island is a lot more precious than an old Apple II and a bunkered magnetic generator.

Course, that doesn't explain the Other's incursions, killings and stealing people.

lordxixor101 said...

I'm new to the show, but I'm hunching that the fact they were able to pick up the song on the radio was a hint at something. Sure, it could be coming from thousands of miles, but it could also mean that there are antennas closer to them (maybe on the island).

I'm leaning towards that this is some sort of sadistic game set up for some of the super rich to gamble on (sort of a twisted Rat Race). Just imagine the prop bets they could have (who will die next, will the numbers be typed in on time, who will be running the group, etc).

Josh said...

That's an excellent theory - especially the image of some backroom taking bets on every potential outcome. Wonder what the odds are on Locke hooking up with Claire or Sawyer accidentally shooting someone might be..

The radio song was so ambgious. It seemed to stick out, that's for sure. Part of me thinks Hurley's "time" comment was an actual nod from the writers that time travel actually isn't involved ... but who really knows?

Some forumers have suggested it's a broadcast from a nearby North Pacific isle. Maybe it will be a communcation point in the future? Goodwin sure seemed interested in getting it up the mountain...