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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Battlestar GDC

Ron Moore will be talking about reinventing stories for a keynote at the upcoming GDC, so sayeth Gamasutra. Galactica is one of my current favorite shows and another one that I never thought would go anywhere and couldn't be happier to be wrong (the other is the Office). The Girl finds it overwrought and melodramatic, but I just tell her that her crazy is showing.

Since I'm currently involved in taking an old Lovecraft story and appending it drastically, this is actually one speech I'd like to hear. And if anyone gets Ron into a corner, tell him a Galactica game better be out by 2007 ... or Fluffy gets it we'll be sad.

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Thomas said...

It's funny, that's exactly what Belle says about it.

Have you been listening to the podcasts? REALLY interesting stuff.

Josh said...

I haven't yet, but I usually catch up on the bloggery at the end of a season, and I'll probably do the same with the podcasts. I think Moore has a pretty interesting thought process with the show, and often a lot of honesty with his communications about it.

Like when a fan called the show out for doing something kinda illogical, he completely admitted that it probably was ... but sometimes you take plot shortcuts to make the story work within the time limit of an episode.

The podcasts/blogs kinda scare me though, since aren't the shows in Europe ahead of ours? I walked into a couple of spoiler thanks to that.