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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gun, Apache Dynamite and Invincible Bosses

Gun isn't a bad game, but it has some of the most poorly designed boss fights in recent history.

I should have known things were bad when Reverend Snicker Evil (not sure of his Christian name mind you) was granted an invincible horse. Yes, his horse had been dipped into to the river Styx and despite whatever you might shoot it with, it didn't really care. Also, Snicker Evil would heal up all on his own while riding around on his magic horse ... which I suppose might make sense in a Zelda game or something, but hardly seems western.

But Fat One Eye, the "end" boss, he got a lot better deal. For one thing HE is invincible, which is much handier. Yes, he gets a magic metal vest which makes him impervious to all harm ... even hits to his extremely unprotected head. You might think your Apache Dynamite Arrows (yeah, they had those) might do some damage, but no ... it's mostly fireproof. Instead, you have to shoot your Apache Dynamite Arrows into the magic exploding mud (I'm really not making this up) in order to damage him at all.

And even that takes about five or six times.

And then he runs away to his platform. Now NOTHING can hurt him. Not even magic mud. So you're left to bringing down the previously-established-as-extremely-unstable cavern on his head. Once again, one might think Apache Dynamite Arrows might prove useful in this venture but no ... only his own large special mega dynamite will do that trick. And to get him throw that?

You have to shoot him in his invincible head.

And then shoot the dynamite out of the air.




and again.

Neversoft, I just killed ten men with two guns and a saber. I've dismembered people with a sniper rifle. I've played this game and collected more powerful guns, faster reloads and better bullets. In fact, one might say that much of Gun is ... well, about getting a better gun.

So why ... why ... WHY ... would you end with a fight that has zero to do with gunfighting?

Makes no sense. Extremely annoying. Not much fun. At one point, I realized that whatever cutscene had been designed to portray this ending was simply not worth actually getting there.

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Corvus said...

I HATE it when I slug all the way through a game, only to find out the last battle isn't worth finishing. Grrr.

Deacon said...

Thanks for dredging up the memory of that horrible end battle. I tried it about three times, thought I figured out the trick, and then turned the game off.

Not worth it at all.

Josh said...

Sorry to drag up bad thoughts ... but it is good to know I'm not alone on that one.

I've been frustrated with the last giant in Colossus too, but that's a game I'm determined to finish.