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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Alice and Max Payne Movie Updates

Yahoo! Games caught up with Hollywood producer Scott Faye about the Max Payne and Alice movei adaptations. Payne has been in development for eight years, which I could swear is a lot longer than the game itself required. Alice has Sarah "Buffy Died Again" Gellar on the hook and the direction from the recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Payne also apparently just signed on a new writer, although Faye wasn't at liberty to discuss.

The ray of hope here is that Faye talks well of the upcoming Silent Hill treatment, which to be honest ... does look good, and considers Doom and Bloodrayne to be more of "learning experiences". He points out that even a best selling game like Doom can't guarantee a box office success. Darn tootin' Scott, some people pay money to see good movies.

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