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Monday, February 06, 2006

I Play Rez, Vibrate Self

When I informed The Girl that the vector based landscape of sight and sound that I was floating through was, in fact, the game which made Game Girl Advance infamous when it talked about about the "Rez Vibrator" and the ... ahem ... experiences the devices was able to give ... ahem ... off, she seemed surprised.

"Really? I don't see how that would work?"

"Why not?"

"Well, it just doesn't seem to shake all that much."

"That's probably because I'm not very good."

The only good thing about the conversation was that the whole thing was so dorky that it wouldn't occur to me how emasculating it was until the next day. I have, in fact, not really played the game enough to form a decent opinion about it. For the curious, it seems GameFly does now have a normal "Keep It" price attached to this game, although it's essentially full priced at $40. Expensive for a title released in 2002, sure, but the game sure seems worth it. Like Amplitude or the crowd pleasing Katamari (which The Brother got a healthy dose of this weekend), this game has the odd ability to relax and engage the user instead of just winding up and stressing out.

I might not get, ahem, as much pleasure out of it as others, ahem, but darn glad I made the purchase all the same.

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Brinstar said...

One of my D&D gaming cohorts brought Rez along to play during the food break a couple months ago. It didn't go over too well with the other gamers. They poked fun at the "backwards" graphics, and were generally mystified at why it was meant to be good. One of these days, I'll get around to picking this one up.

Josh said...

It's distinctly a game that you just have to play to enjoy and to a certain extent, be in the right mood to get ... because if you don't let yourself get into the game at least a little bit, it doesn't have that chance to nab you.

It's a lot like Katamari, I think. Try to explain the sticky ball concept and most people just look at you crazy. They see the blocky models and they think it's cheap. Then when they give it a chance for a little while, it hooks them.

The musical qualities are completely fascinating to me, and makes me understand how Meteos might be so addictive.

Thomas said...

Insert Credit is saying that Play-Asia is selling Rez for $13 right now. Not sure if that's an import or not, though.

Josh said...

That's a different cover than the US version, but that's not definitive. Since there is so little text in the game, only problem I'd think with an import is that silly "modchip" required :)

Brinstar said...
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Brinstar said...

They are selling it new for $44.99, but I don't know for how long. Hm... Maybe it will be in next month's budget.