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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More Azeroth Fallout

Just a brief recap after trying to smother dear Brinstar's new server with the link to her revelation of the GM same sex smackdown in World of Warcraft. Corvus has decided that maybe he and Blizzard should just go their seperate ways ... with the distinct overtone that it's "you, not me." Some people wonder just what the heck goes through the mind of some of the responders. I stumbled on this great ad which is WTB some common sense plz, which brings up the interesting point that maybe the pro-GLBT community brought some of this on themselves ... but at the same time notes that "if ANYONE now finds it strange that a man and a man are loving each other in this world, or a female night elf and a female human are doing the nasty in the hay behind the Goldshire Inn, that person has way more issues than he or she realizes" and vows that maybe the best recourse is to react ingame to ingame nonsense.

And you're probably already aware that this whole thing got both Boing Boing'd and slashdotted. Word on the mumblevine is that it might make an appearance in a couple of print mags as well.

As for where all of this is heading ... well, it's definately too early to say. However, all the people declaring that Blizzard is immune to legal action because Azeroth is it's own personal kingdom might end up being surprised. Mumblevine also declares that while it's quite possible they'll avoid the inside of a courtroom, Blizzard is going to have to concede some points to the lawyers.

Update: Funny thing, when one does a quick blogroll after the morning stretch. Lambda's opening salvo is already up on Kotaku, so I gues it's not quite as mumblevine as it seemed a few minutes ago. Funniest thing about that link is watching some commenters still insist that the virtual world of Azeroth if free from litigation .... while it's clearly in the process of being litigated. By, you know, real lawyers and stuff.

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Brinstar said...

I understand that Blizzard just wants peace, and love, and harmony on their chat channels, but they should go after the offenders rather than add things to a list of "Things Which Must Not Be Spoken About" in-game.

Josh said...

Blizzard was more interested in risk aversion than an actual harrasment policy.

It's funny, I was playing Guild Wars on Sunday and stumbled on a couple of players harassing another for being an athiest. I mean, really clearly being jerks about the whole thing. I'm not sure how it came up in chat ... but when you see that kind of ingame behavior, it really drives home which players need to be shown the door.