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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Will Sony Get A PlayStation Live?

In it's ramp-up the the PlayStation 3 release, Sony might be considering creating a centralized online service as Microsoft has done, according to Ars Technica:

Now it seems that Sony is considering getting in on the action. The company is sending around a questionnaire to some gaming editors loaded with questions aimed at assessing whether or not people find online play fun, and what kind of (very Xbox Live-like) features they might like. Questions range from the innocuous, "On a typical day, how often do you play games online?" to more specific queries such as "Game Lobbies should be Eyetoy compatible[?]" Some of the more interesting questions are as follows:

3. What is your preferred Online gaming format?
6. A single identity and password for all online games?
7. Global Lobbies allowing you to play against anyone in the world?
8. Game Lobbies should be language based. (English, French, German etc)
9. Game Lobbies should be based geographically.
11. Headset support in all online games?
12. A QWERTY keyboard as standard for messaging.
14. Friend List allowing you to see online/offline status?
17. A feedback rating allowing you to choose who you play against?
20. Automatically filter opponents based on connection quality?
21. The ability to download music, game demos and other content?
24. Ability to take movie clips in game and share them with friends?
26. An in game grief reporting system?
31. A specific lobby only for Adults.
32. Service should feature a Global Ranking system for each game.
-- Sony considering Xbox Live-like service

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