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Friday, January 20, 2006

Bizarre Anti-Lottery Editorial

A little off-topic, but I was surprised by this Des Moines Register op/ed piece on lottery machines, which goes into the future and predicts the eventuality of meth machines:

In another desperate attempt to raise money, the Iowa Legislature today approved the installation of portable meth-smoking machines in bars, restaurants, gas stations and convenience stores.

The move is expected to raise an additional $69 billion in revenue for the state's hard-pressed general fund, of which $67 billion will be directed to treatment programs as more Iowans get hooked on the powerful drug.
-- Think lottery machines are too much? Try your luck in 2016

I've complained earlier about the odd hypocrisy people use in game law logic, so I guess this is a little fitting. I mean, it's not OK to have a teenager play Halo, but his dad getting his leg broke to pay his gambling debt is just good old traditional values. Or something.

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