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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Don Quixote And Gaming

This is simply brilliant:

"If Cervantes had written 'Don Quixote' today," says Gonzalo Frasca, a video game researcher in Copenhagen, "video games - and not books - would have sparked the imagination of its hero and caused him to realize that he is a knight waging a war for justice. Don Quixote was a reflection of fear of a new medium - popular literature - and over the years his fears were proven false. Today there is a big fear of video games. Some people claim they corrupt youth, but over time people will understand that this is a medium that can be used positively."
-- The game's the thing

This article on Haartz covering Gonzalo Frasca (also known for is full of gems like that one. He goes into GTA, cartoons, powerful robots .... ah heck ... just read it.

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