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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Running With Scissors Attacks Thompson

I just love that headline.

Next-Generation has some information about Postal developer Running With Scissors's statement against crazyman crusader BatJack Thompson:

Tucson-based Running With Scissors statement read, "Hypocrisy and irresponsible anti-game zealotry has never been more obvious. Mr. Thompson ignores the fact that the assailant was enthralled by a racist book that espouses anti-Semitic hatred."

It added, "Throughout our company's history, we've diligently avoided behavior that might be seen as exploiting a real life tragedy. We extend our sincere sympathies to the victims and their families. Despite our renegade image, we have always maintained that violence belongs in videogames, noton the streets."
-- Now Scissors Fires Thompson Salvo

When the guys who made Postal sound more rational than the other side, it's really becoming a strange "debate".

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