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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lost Notes On The Others

Last night's episode of Lost was bizarre almost for how non-bizarre it was. It didn't have much in the way of strange interconnections, didn't have much in the way of creepy quasi-supernatural, and the flashback was somewhat tame.

And yet, it was full of subtle points.

Michael's a bit nuts. Maybe a bit too irrational in his search? Is this what Danielle was afraid of?

The Others Do Get Around. Michael went in a completely different direction than the Tailies camp, and yet they managed to run into The Others all the same. Course, someone or something was trying to tell Michael a specific location before. That begs a question though ... didn't The Others mention that Michael wouldn't find them? Wouldn't that be whatever was communicating with Michael want? So maybe that was Walt on the other side?

The Modus Operandi. Jack's theory of using spies was pretty logical. It also brings up an interesting point. In both cases, The Others sent in a single spy, tried to take every young child in the group and then later make a few choice others disappear. Well, Jack's camp may have prevented that last part from happening - but it's definately a specific plot with some specific purpose.

Quoting Hanso. "Zeke" (apparently referred as Mr. Friendly in the credits) quoted Alvar Hanso in his curiosity speech. Wouldn't researchers be the only persons who would be aware of this?

Mentioning Alex. The person holding Kate in the darkness might be Danielle's (crazy French chick) kid.

Great Intel Reports. The Others know everyone's names. They know what they've been up to. They know if they've been bad or good .... er, sorry. While this seems really odd, we should remember we've got a smoke monster apparently capable of reading people's thoughts. Great survelliance seems to be part of the island.

No response to Ethan. Mr. Friendly didn't seem to acknowledge Jack's mention of Ethan. Are there perhaps three groups at work here? The survivors, the ex-researchers and the Others? Seems unlikely considering the similarities between the last two, but an interesting possibility.

Ruling the island. Mr. Friendly was definately trying to make it clear that they controlled the island. Course, then why use spies? Why not just round up all the survivors?

An unrelated thought I had was that the Black Rock seems to indicate that there was some strange about this island way before Hanso. Not sure what that means, but maybe the research on the island was tapping some existing resource.

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Unknown said...

I agree that last night's episode was rather tame compared to others, but I would see it as the "calm" before the storm as it sets things up for some big events later on down the road. When the seasons over with, we might just look back and realize that this was the episode that changed everything.

Josh said...

Yeah, I would agree that this is a more "pivotal" episode than anything else. Jack's relationship with his wife will probably dovetail into something deeper (like who she left him for?) and the encounter with the Others is only going build and boil over now.

Jeffool said...

I'm thinking that there are definitely two groups of others. It makes good sense that if there are two opposing groups that 'the good side' would want to take the 'good people' in order to give them safety from the second group of Others.

Given Zeke's disposition last night, he seemed to prefer a "live and let live" arrangement, which is kinda the opposite of how I took Ethan. So if Zeke's and Ethan's groups are opposed to each other, then it would make sense that Zeke didn't know about the spies, or Ethan.

Oh, and good catch on Danielle's son being Zeke's cohort.

Josh said...

I have the Internet for catching up on Alex's name ... although it did strike me as odd when watching that Zeke referred to someone by name.

I'm trying to see this all from "Zeke's view" ... if they were all dangerous killers then Locke, Jack and Sawyer would clearly all be dead. They seemed to want to have some kind of (authoratively controlled) dialogue ... whereas Ethan and Goodwin were ruthless and deceptive.

Still, they definately took Walt. So if there are two groups, they seem to have that commodity in common.

Clamatius said...

As for Michael being nuts, if someone ran off with my kid and I knew where they were, I would do anything and everything to get him back. Didn't seem quite so crazy to me.