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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Browncoats start a fundraiser

Some rabid Firefly fans have started taking online donations to hand off to Joss Whedon so that Serenity might fly again. I had heard some fairly substantive gossip that Joss himself seemed prepped to let his fictional verse have it's end, but some say otherwise with an emphasis on "direct to DVD" or perhaps a return to television. So whether this is grass roots investing or just pure folly remains to be seen.

Television would be best, I think. Firefly was always too broad of a story to fit into a feature film format, which was one of the problems the movie had. Anything would be good though. Sometimes the strange branches are better than the tree. For instance, I never really got into the Starship Troopers movie ... but the animated series was pretty addictive. And if there was an animated Serenity, I'd certainly be picking that up.

In all honestly, though, the body of work Firefly/Serenity comprises right now is still stellar enough. The DVD set is in itself an epic movie and the movie at least provides a sense of closure. Certainly with characters as good as these, you will always want more.

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Corvus said...

My wife and I were just discussing how Joss needs the television format to stretch his character development legs. We just watched the series and the movie over the last week. It seemed to us that the movie was meant to replace the final episode of the series and that, continuity-wise, it didn't make sense if you included that episode in your reckoning. Since I suspect that the "what the hell is River" plot line was supposed to be the primary undertow that pulled the characters along, I can't see how continuing the story would work as well.


Especially with Wash and Book dead.

Josh said...

Both The Girl and myself are desperate for more information on Book. I'd even be OK with some posthumous investigation into his past if a plotline cropped up to support that.

The television show allowed the stories to breath though. Gather references to itself, devote more time, etc.

Think of Lost trying be done in a two hour format. Would never work.