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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My Video Is Split

The Girl and I recently bought a DVD recorder for the main purpose of recording some shows we have saved on Tivo. Things like the AMC presentation of Airplane!. Also, I'm desperate to get my VHS copy of The Maxx on something more durable.

Unfortunately, this started me on a huge crusade to rewire the Entertainment Shrine in the best possible way. Previously, the DVD player enjoyed the TV's only s-video input. But now having seen the difference in quality from DirecTV on s-video versus coaxial ... well, that just wouldn't do.

So now I've spent as much on cables as the DVD recorder itself ... and the DVD recorder doesn't even get s-video in the end. Everything else does, including the PlayStation 2. Our shows now play nice and crisp, which is probably the best part. I'm not sure if I'm going to invest in an s-video splitter (as well as the switch box) or just let the recorder use composite inputs. For now, though, I'll glow in some geeky glory.

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