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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hope Springs Eternal

Adventure Gamers offers up a review of a game you'd likely to never heard of before reading said review. Hope Springs Eternal is an indie adventure game about being a private eye in Sweden:

If your idea of pleasing gameplay is to leisurely stroll through a delightful game world populated by some gentle locals, with fairly simple challenges, this game is well worth a look. You'll have to live with some unclued inventory item hunting and related backtracking, but at the reasonable purchase price, you will probably enjoy yourself for a few afternoons. For experienced gamers, the game may feel more like a quaint, unambitious game. Still, it has enough going for it to keep it in mind for those long lulls when you want something pleasant and distracting while waiting for the big ticket games.

Check out the developer's site for more.

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