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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Weekend Gamery: Star Wars Galaxies

I just got the 10 day trial for Star Wars Galaxies off of Fileshack.

Good news? Unlike my FilePlanet experience with the World of Warcraft trial, I could actually download this and run it ... even if it did take a while.

I was mostly intrigued by the all the new changes and what they might mean for my attitude of the game. I'm no fan of SOE games ... PlanetSide was one of the worst experiences I've ever had with a game. But I was willing to give this another try.

Sadly, it went from kinda meh to just bad. Overall, it wasn't too shabby. It does feel a little more action orientated, but when the first real mission I had was essentially kill ten rats ... this doesn't feel like much evolution. I did like that messing up a conversation was leading me down the Dark Side (naturally, I was playing a Jedi ... what else?).

The experience wasn't terribly pretty though. It was laggy and not terribly detailed. Compared to Guild Wars, it was approaching ugly.

Worse was I ventured out into space. The overall interface isn't bad, but supposedly you can hit ALT to get your mouse to perform various options ... but not for me. So I was stuck outside a space station I was meant to chat with, and nothing could be done. I don't even know if could have docked or anything ... I just exited.

Not awful, but this game has nothing on Guild Wars in my book ... and Guild Wars has no nasty monthly fee.

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