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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Business Week on PSP Hacking

Hackers say they only created the online open-source system to remedy the PSP's shortcomings. Many initially complained about the device's limited compatibility with video and audio formats. Songs stored in an iTunes (AAPL) browser wouldn't play, and neither would MP4 videos. Converting videos to the memory sticks was a headache, and wirelessly shuttling data from the PSP to another device took a lot of creativity. Forget about hooking a PSP to a TV and playing movies, or running the library of Sony games made for the living-room consoles.
-- Attack of the PlayStation Hackers

A decent overview of the hacker-homebrew culture on the PSP side of things. Balances the need to maintain their licenses for profit against people who are trying to improve the platform, get their games out there and have some fun.

I still say that the homebrew projects on the DS and PSP make it obvious there's a huge market for this kind of stuff. If only the big companies could figure out a way to make it legit and logical.

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