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Friday, December 02, 2005

Three Simple Questions

Just a couple things on my mind.

1. By some estimates, Microsoft is losing about $150 per 360. If that is so, then the $300 Core system actually costs about $450 to make. Roughly. Very roughly. Now, if that's true ... even roughly ... why do most game PC's still cost over a grand?.

2. I keep hearing from various politicians that video games are more comparable to alcohol or tobacco, in terms of public safety, than movies or print media. Really? Now, if that's true ... which would the politican rather see a fourteen year old holding? A bottle of vodka or a copy of God of War? ... A pack of Marlboros or Doom 3?

3. Joystiq points out better than I did that too many people feel that the problem with video game movies are the video gamers. It's the demographic's fault that the movies suck. Which is essentially a Hollywood way of saying "but, you see the way they dress." How hard is it to see that low budget, poorly directed, poorly written movies suck? It doesn't matter what audience you put in the theater. Jesus, didn't Spider-Man teach anyone anything? You can make geek movies for the mainstream if you don't try and do it on the cheap.

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