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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Weekend Gamery: Quake 4

I finally tweaked the Quake 4 demo to where it was acceptable on the CheapBox. Even with it's new fanless 6800 ... the CheapBox is hardly a performer. In fact, this 128MB 6800 is only marginally faster than my older 9700. However, it's fanless. It has reduced the PC noise in half, making me a much happier camper. I'll keep low details and 800x600 if it means I don't have a jet engine underneath me.

As for the demo ... I was a bit meh. Graphics were good, the action was average and it's really like id and their cohorts just want to ignore the last few years of shooter evolution. I don't think there was any locational damage, no offhand grenades, no interesting inventory choices. All things the superior F.E.A.R. took note of ... and F.E.A.R. runs better on this box.

Someday, when the hardware to run this in all it's glory is cheap enough to easily afford, Quake 4 will be a great bargain purchase. Honestly, the multiplayer wasn't too shabby ... but I just don't spend a lot time in fragfests anymore.

Downloading the F.E.A.R. multiplayer demo now.

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