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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lost Thoughts

Great episode last night. Nice amount of details about Kate's past combined with some new facts about the "button".

The horse was a bizarre addition. The whole thing with animals on the island seems like a huge clue. A polar bear isn't going to survive long in the jungle without cooling off on a regular basis. Their fur is designed to survive subfreezing temps and will overheat rapidly in a tropical/temperate environment. A horse could survive pretty well ... but there's no way it could get their without being transported on something.

Add in the possibility that the bear came from Walt's comic and the horse from Kate's memory and you've got a whole bunch of strange. Stranger than seeing your dead father walk around? Probably not.

It does make me wonder where Walt's dog really came from, however.

And we discover that the "button" can't be pressed until the alarm countdown. Pretty amazing that it's been successfully pushed for so long. Would anyone really make a world-saving mechanism so precarious? Especially when it would take about a half hour to code a program to automate it? There is something about the isolation, the human intervention ... maybe even the blast doors ...

Which comes down to (spoiler) ... who was Michael typing with at the end? Obviously, it has to be Walt. Who else would ever refer to him as dad? So Walt can possibly summon animals, appear Kenobi style and speak backwards ... and communicate via computer?

One will get you ten that wherever the "Others" are camped, there's another station.

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Brinstar said...

I have no idea what the hell I was doing, but I managed to miss the episode where Anna shot Shannon. Cripes! I figured out what was going on, cos how could one not? But oh man I wish I'd seen the part where Sayid confessed his feelings for her and her reaction. Doh!

Josh said...

Remember, you can always catch up on iTunes.

Couple of points I've read elsewhere:

1 - There's a clear parrellel between Kate's horse and Sawyer's boar.

2 - Why is nobody ever tried to communicate with Desmond?

3 - Some have suggested the 108 minutes indicates a satellite orbit (it's a common duration). Others have suggested that the blast doors would best be used to protect the bunker in case of a huge military attack. Like a nuke.

4 - Something I just realized. The writers made a point with this one. Sayid saw Walt. Sawyer saw the horse. These things are not just part of one person's mind.

5 - My suspicion: the horse, boar, Walt, Locke's Giant and Jack's dad are all the same phenomena and maybe even the same entity.