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Monday, November 28, 2005

Playing Catch Up

Been busy. Been gone. Here's a quick rundown on all the stuff I've been ignoring.

Xbox 360s are overheating/crashing/misbehaving
I'll say the same thing I said when the people were saying that the PSPs had massive dead pixel problems. A couple of screenshots on the the internet aren't a massive problem. At worse, it's completely expected for a first run of a brand new complicated piece of electronic. So, consider that the next time you wait in the cold for ten hours to get one.

50 Cent says violence is for kids
Well, he's an idiot. What do you expect from someone who has made a career out of the fact that he got shot several times? While he might be the worst PR for the game industry, it's not that big of a deal. If you are listening to a gangster rapper for advice about raising your kids, you're an idiot too.

Something costs this much, and this other thing that much more
Lots of articles coming about concerning the cost of manufacturing of the 360, the original Xbox, the PS3, your stove, etc.

Here's the thing.

1. Unless the articles making these estimates have some inside sources, they are probably wrong. The production cost for a unit isn't the same as just adding up the seperate pieces, as anyone who has ever built a computer should know.

2. I'd be amazed if the 360 is more subsidized than the original Xbox. Microsoft is aiming for more profits each iteration and you can't do that by sinking into the red right away. This article suggests it was $125 a loss per original Xbox, not counting non-manufacturing costs and I recall some estimates closer to $200.

It was a lot, it will still be a lot and surely the PS3 will be sold at a decent loss too. Trying to determine precise numbers is probably a lesson in futility though.

There is a Dead Or Alive movie trailer
Seriously, avert your eyes. After watching this I half expected the phone to ring with a raspy voice proclaiming I had seven days to live.

Sony is still being a jerk
About their rootkit. They absolutely deserve your hatred. I feel like I should be making more an issue out of this, but I don't know how to expand on they fact that they are utterly in the wrong, the RIAA is utterly wrong for supporting them, and every consumer out there should be pissed as hell at them for their action. There is no complicated analysis or insight required here, just anger.

I'll put it this way. Am I re-thinking a PS3 or PSP purchase over this?

Yes. Yes I am.

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