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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

High School Gets MoCap

Dang, when I was in high school, we thought Apple II's were something of a luxury. Now, schools are getting their own motion capture system:

McKinley Technology High School (MTHS) has become the first-ever secondary school to install a Vicon motion capture system. The new install will support the school's three departments of study: Biotechnology, Interactive Media, and Digital Broadcasting, and will be integrated into its Institute of Video Game Development, a Saturday morning program educating teenagers in videogame development from over 40 schools throughout the DC metropolitan area. McKinley Technology High School has installed a Vicon V6 system, offering its students truly state of the art performance capture capabilities.
-- McKinley Is First High School To Install Vicon MoCap System

This, I predict, will be followed by the first wedgie ever digitized.

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