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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Boycott Sony

Big Daddy BoingBoing has a bit about boycotting Sony for Christmas since they've been naughty this year.

And naughty they have been. Criminally so. I'm not sure it gets much worse. They apparently were aware of the rootkit prior to releasing it, they didn't admit to it when it was found and their clean-up effort has been laughable at best.

Problem is - with something as ubiqitous as Sony, is boycotting really logical? Is not buying any PS2 games for Christmas a statement against Sony or a sure way to kick the games industry in the pants? What about all the movies and music Sony has it's hand in? It's similar to trying to boycott Microsoft ... what, you're going to stop using your computer?

Still, I know from dealing with businesses of varying size that they all agree one thing - the bottom dollar is the great communicator. So before slipping anything with Sony's label into someone's stocking, definately think about this:

They are company willing to sacrifice your personal security for their licensing fees. They'd rather make it easier for someone to steal your credit card number than risk more of their profit margin.

So maybe a boycott is unrealistic. But at least think twice.

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