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Friday, November 18, 2005

Where is my iMac gaming?

While the commentary on the 360 might be tepid, everyone loves the new iMac. Which is why I still say that Apple is missing a boat or two. Here is this affordable, media friendly, easy to use personal computer that's more suitable for a den or bedroom than the office or study. This is great if you just want to browse the net or watch the occasional DVD ... but who doesn't like a good game on their fancy new toy? Gaming on the Mac needs a firsty party pull, not just the (admirable) port and indie culture it has today.

It's not like the iMac, with any library, could have gone head to head with the 360. But it could have made a hell of a market for those not willing to fuss with pre-orders or are far more interested in casual games than Perfect Dark Zero. C'mon Cupertino ... Apple Game Studio ... it's got a good ring to it. Design a fancy wireless controller and a dozen casual games to go with it. Call it iPlay. Or something. You know you want to...

My begging never does work.

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