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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Thompson Forcibly Removed

Well, that might be a bit sensational ... but fun.

Gamecloud and GamePolitics are reporting that the judge in the Devin Moore civil trial denied Jack Thompson's request for withdrawal. Why? Here's why:

James Moore, rejected Thompson's withdrawl. However, the judge only made that ruling so he could throw Thompson off the case himself, saying he was highly critical of Thompson's public conduct. For his part, Thompson is fighting back, writing a note to the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission that questioned Moore's own ethics.

Yeah. I bet that letter will do lots of good, Batjack. Maybe you should call the feds, have them look into this radical judge who is out to get ya.

Let's see the list. Who supports Batjack these days? Apparently not legitimate scientists or legal eagles. That leaves distraught parents and media whores to go.

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