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Thursday, November 17, 2005

More Brits Bully Bully

It looks like another MP has voiced a concern about Rockstar's yet to be released game, Bully. Michael Foster has joined Vaz's call to have the game banned:

Michael Foster said: "I know from my constituents how harmful bullying is and what pain it causes young people. This game allows the person playing it to take on the persona of a bully, able for instance to kick and punch other pupils and spit in their food. I think that can only encourage young people to find pleasure and excitement in abusing others."

Liz Carnell, director of the charity Bullying Online, said: "Our view is that bullying is not a joke. It is not a suitable subject for computer games."
-- MP backs steps to ban kid's Bully video game

Wow, if only everyone could get their personal crusade made into a taboo topic for entertainment. Think about it, we'd have no more war, no more injustice, no more swearing or indecency. I can feel the squeaky clean wash that would take over the world if we'd all just stop paying attention to the bad things.

Seriously lady, I don't think plastic surgery is a suitable topic for entertainment either ... but you don't see me trying to ban it. What's annoying is that I don't buy for one moment that this lady actually believes a video game will seriously worsen the plight of a single kid out there. However, when someone makes a movie/video game/book/whatever on your pet project, it's a reason to thump some podiums and get some free press.

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