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Monday, November 14, 2005


We've been cleaning and fussing over an upcoming party, so it was inevitable that about 5PM ... we simply crashed. The couch added a kind of gravitational pull all to it's own ... which also reminded me that the futon mattress really needs to be replaced.

The first thing we did, well kind of did, was watch House of the Dead. To say we watched it would admit that it's actually, you know, a movie. Which is simply giving it too much credit. It wasn't necessarily the lack of plot, or crappy acting, or that really gratuitous beginning featuring the breasts of that chick who plays Lois Lane, or the apparently non-existent cinematographer or even the bizarre use of video game footage during an actual action scene (or the fact that it was hard to tell which was preferred) ... it's just that so clearly the mistake happened before all that. Money traded hands at some point when it simply shouldn't have.

Course, there will be a sequel. This time, there will be fraternity hijinks as well. The fact that this film has a greenlit sequel and yet Serenity is probably relegated to obscurity is, I believe, proof that Loki is in fact, God.

Fortunately we could cleanse our palate with the far more excellent Fox lineup of Sunday night cartoons. Fox's motto for 2006, by the way, will simply be "Viewer Discretion Is Advised". It's great to see the same channel which airs the most conservatively biased news on the air also has no problem showing an animated eighteen year old shack up with a presumed terrorist. Hey, I laughed.

The other thing that caught my eye were the game ads. Microsoft has decided to follow the steps of, I guess, drug ads, and simply make an eye-catching segment which has nothing to do with their product. Sure, highly coordinated jump rope and some water ballon warfare is great TV ... but it's not really making me any closer to saving five benjies for a new console.

Nintendo's WiFi commercials, on the other hand, were short, funny and to the point. I especially liked the "you're totally going to kick my ass" spot.

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