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Friday, November 18, 2005

Are You X-Cited?

The 360 is coming soon, and they hype is getting rather mixed. While there is the usual drool and dropping of jaws one would expect with a shiny new toy, it's not all roses. Microsoft has had to defend the short supply we'll be seeing at launch. Taking a gander at Gamespot's video overview of the 360 seems to confirm Kotaku's suspicions that the 360 isn't well suited for your puny "normal" resolution television set. CNN's Game Over peruses the goods and determines that it's not worth getting one at launch.

So do sharks patrol these waters? Should you pay attention to that day glo orange life preserver?

Well, at the very least Microsoft will be making it's sales early on. While I'd be pretty pissed if I had preordered one of these suckers and wasn't seeing it until December or beyond, Redmond probably won't be worrying about having boxes sit on the shelves for a while. So it will be the darling of the holiday season. The long term fight will come down to a better library, hopefully one that will take advantage of Live and the 360's other features.

In other words, things will be tepid until Halo 3. Then everyone will want one again.

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