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Monday, November 14, 2005

Inquirer, you presume too much

Looks like I was a bit too late. By the time I penned the etymology of a rumor, at least one news site was already pretty much running it as fact:

While the PS3 hasn't been expressly mentioned in the patent in English or Japanese it would be the obvious place to employ this new technology, regardless of how little gamers will appreciate it.
-- No pre-owned games to be allowed for Playstation 3

As many, many others have pointed out (including the Joystiq post which Inquirer cites as a source) ... it's not an obvious place. In fact, it's a pretty stupid place. In fact, before this rumor goes any further, I invite people to actually read the patent, which states:

A disk recording medium adapted for reproduction by a reproduction device

...and goes on to repeat the word "recording" ... oh, about a hundred times. So unless my understanding of how CDs and DVD's work, this would only be operable on a recordable medium.

Are your music CD's recordable? Do you think the PS3 BD's will be? I don't. So stop fretting.

Jesus, Sony just got caught releasing anti-security software on the unsuspecting public. You'd think that would be enough fodder for at least a month or so.

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