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Friday, November 18, 2005

More Lost Questions

These are in no particular order ... nor am I really expecting answers :)

1. What was Desmond's medicine? My best guess is an innoculation to keep him safe from the "disease".

2. How does a ship like the Black Rock get shipwrecked on a mountain? What does that mean for the age of the island? Does this mean that the island was always a magnet for disaster, considering the Dharma project is about 100 years later?

3. Danielle refers to the whispering as The Others, not the actual people. She only had her own crew get sick, not some mysterious population. However, she's been on the island for what ... 16 years? If Ana-Lucia is right about the knife, some of Ethan's people have been around longer than that. Are there two "sets" of others or is the whispering related/a power of the first set?

4. Kelvin, Desmond's partner, came running out of the jungle to bring him to the bunker. How did he know a boat just wrecked onshore? Where is Kelvin's body now?

5. One thing I don't get about the number button: if you kept entering it right away ... would it just reset the timer continously? It's curious because it changes its possible use. If they are supposed to re-enter something about every 108 minutes, then maybe something else is counting down and needs to be refreshed. If it is only a deadline, then it's only important that someone is at the terminal, with the right code, making it seem like a deadman's switch.

6. Walt's had two messages (spoiler alert). One essentially saying don't press the button. The other saying that the Others were close. This seems contradictory. Pressing the button, we're to believe, is good. Others being close, is bad. Now, Walt could obviously just be subtle or cryptic for reasons all to his own. But if we're to assume that Walt is either trying to be helpful or is now, like, possessed ... the difference doesn't make sense. So which is it?

7. How do you tattoo a shark?

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Thomas said...

7. Very carefully.

Jeffool said...

I didn't see last week's episode, but I do believe that Danielle was referring to the people as well as the whispers as 'the others'. Meaning that they do make the whispers. And wasn't there whispering when Michael, Sawyer, Michelle Rodriguez and the crew were going through the forests two weeks ago? (When one of the women with them just disappeared?)