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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Live Arcade Interviews

BusinessWeek, via GameDailyBiz, sits down with Greg Canessa of the Live Arcade Group:

It's going to be both actually. At launch we're going to have a nice mix of the retro coin-op, classic stuff and titles that maybe have existed on other platforms and have been upgraded for 360, and completely new and original content. So we really have a nice offering, and you're going to actually see that on Xbox Live Arcade going forward. That's really the vision for Arcade, to have that central destination for small, downloadable games of all types in your Xbox 360 dash. We consider both [types of games] to be huge opportunities; and since retro coin-op games are small, downloadable games, they fit, as well as originally developed content from smaller developers and larger publishers.
-- Retro Meets High Tech on Xbox 360

Then we've got a close-up on Team Xbox with the gang from Outpost Kaloki:

This is why the game plays like it does, rather than being a traditional "drag semi-transparent boxes around" tycoon game. The opportunity to make this game for the Xbox 360 was a dream come true for the designers because it's a realization of the original vision for the game. We were able to implement and fine-tune Xbox 360-specific controls and try to focus gameplay and content on what we thought would be appealing to the Xbox 360 market.

In addition to that, the sheer power of the Xbox 360 let us do great graphics, awesome 5.1-channel sound, and cool processor tricks. While we started with our internal engine, we implemented a whole lot of Xbox-360-specific technology for this game.
-- Outpost Kaloki X Interview

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