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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Write Your Own Bad Television

No good can come from this: is changing how the world creates, generates and watches entertainment. Individuals write short skits and Script This produces them at no cost to the writer. The world votes on its favorite, and the winner gets their skit aired on the Internet and an iPod with their short on it. It’s simple, fun and allows anyone to be a part of the television creation process.

Unlike traditional entertainment, which pushes content on viewers, Script This pulls its content from individuals all over the globe. Additionally, by outsourcing content development, normal efforts and costs for producing a television show are significantly reduced. "We wanted to change the game," states Frank DiGiammarino, Co-Founder of Script This. "You Tube has shown us that it is possible to aggregate video content. We see the future of entertainment as harnessing the technology to do more than just put out videos, but to make content generation a community event"

The Script This show is based around a cast of existing characters. Viewers are invited to submit scripts to drive the storyline. "Give us 3 minutes of funny and we will bring it to life." the website intones. According to Script This Co-Founder Chuck Rubin, “The power of Script This is that it opens the creative process up to the widest possible audience. This is a revolution of empowerment in content development that we believe will produce better entertainment.”
-- Tired of bad television? New site allows you to CREATE WHAT YOU WATCH

Basically it amounts to Internet powered improv combined with the worst of webcam culture. I'm not sure invoking YouTube is accurate when it's still a sitcom, just with unpaid writers.

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