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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Apple Media Event Recap

Good: Games on iPod. Games on iTunes. Not OS X-centric, but it's a start. Also, higher res on iTunes shows. I didn't mind the old res, but bigger is better.

Ho-hum: Movies on iTunes. I think this will work out in the long run, but $10-$15 for less than DVD quality and no extras? And can I burn it to DVD? Does the 480 resolution mean that it won't be widescreen? I'm hoping not. I guess it wouldn't need to be, despite the slightly smaller res.

But I want it... still no word on DVD burning with iTunes. I'm guessing the iTV is their route for getting your media free. I realize this isn't completely under Apple's control (thank you DCCA, but that doesn't mean it doesn't kinda bite.

Potentially life altering: The iTV sounds like it's what people wanted from the Aiport Video Express but with steroids and kittens. $300 is a borderline price point for me on it, but I would probably take it. The thing is - it's not the same as having a full blown computer. There is good and bad to that. It's good because I don't have to treat it like a full blown computer (login, keyboard, etc.) but it's also not nearly as flexible (no hobbyist living room gaming for me).

Unless of course it could run iPod games, Apple releases a handy wireless controller and a free SDK. Then I would probably die and go to heaven.

More likely, though, will be a DVD or Blu-Ray drive to hook into that tempting USB port.


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