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Friday, September 15, 2006

Best Music For Gaming?

From BlogCritics:

I arrived at this conclusion in strange fashion, having put Food & Liquor on for its first few spins while shredding the Southeastern Conference on my way to a 13-0 season and a national title for LSU in NCAA Football 2006 (I don't have the '07 version yet). It was on my third listen that I came to a jolting realization: Lupe Fiasco has created the perfect album to play video games to. Furthermore, because this is true, he has quite possibly created the perfect album

I sincerely doubt that creating a perfect audio backdrop for gaming was Lupe's ambition when he went into the studio, and for all I know, that determination might offend him. After all, video games don't exactly scream intelligence, social activism, or art. At least, not traditionally. (I suppose you could make a case that they do indeed scream all of those things, but I'll save that for someone else.) But far from being a negative thing, this "Greatest Video Game Soundtrack of All Time" designation speaks to the overall quality of album in a way that simply calling it the "Best Album of 2006" or "A Hip-Hop Classic" never could. Let me explain.

When I play video games, I always turn the sound down. I typically find the audio component of gaming to be excruciating, particularly in the case of sports games, where the computerized announcers are so bad that I find myself actually getting angry (kind of like real announcers). So the music I play in the background becomes very important.
-- Lupe Fiasco: The Best Album I've Ever Played Video Games To

Interesting. I used to keep specific playlists for when I was playing Unreal - and it was generally a lot of grungy, quasi-techno kind of stuff. Not unlike most game soundtracks, actually. I never thought about it much until I made Grind ... which actually was more fun with music. Which was also how I got interesting in doing a game with iTunes integration.

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