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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

iLounge: iPod getting $4.99 games

10:10 am iLounge: games will work on 5G ipods
10:09 am iLounge: games for sale off iTunes for $4.99
10:08 am iLounge: new iPod software features: instant searching, new games (Bejeweled, Cubis 2, Mahjong, Mini golf, pac man, tetris, texas holdem, vortex, and zuma)
-- MacRumorsLive

Great. Now the iPod is more gaming orientated than my Mac Mini. I mean good news, but I hope iTunes Games won't be just iPod-centric.

And would an iPod Games SDK be so horrible? I think not. I can think of many more horrible things.

Hit the link to see the liveblogging of the announcements.

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