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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gold Rush: Reality TV Meets ARG

After creating the reality television megahit "Survivor," producer Mark Burnett is trying to prove that he has a golden touch on the Web as well.

Beginning this Wednesday, Mark Burnett Productions and AOL will launch "Gold Rush," an online series of contests that will give away more than $2 million in gold hidden across America.

Each week, aspiring contestants will be forced to seek out and assemble a dozen clues pointing to a cache's hiding place. The first three to correctly guess its location will be whisked away to compete against each other for $100,000; a dozen winners will then reconvene at the end for a shot at another million.
-- CNN: Mark Burnett hunts for online gold

Course, it's a bit of a stretch from an ARG. No trailhead, no missing persons and probably no sentient AI. Still, you can see the parrellel and were this more of a standard plot instead of game show ... it would be more profound.

Imagine if Lost started putting in clues as to real world locations with real world prizes. OK, that would probably cause some kind of a riot - but imagine all the same.

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