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Friday, September 15, 2006

Aeropause Interviews A Cheater

Aeropause: How many times have you been banned or suspended from gaming servers?

Schmuck5000: Wow, I have been kicked of XBL at least 10 times, I have to be careful now because there are no more 2 month cards floating around. The people at Bungie are the worst. How can they complain about people like me. They should have built a anti-cheating engine in the game to prevent it. Its not my fault that modders cheat.
-- Aeropause - An Interview With A Cheater

I just love that logic. It's not my fault that this group that I belong to does the things that I, myself, do. OMG - BatJack was right. Clearly this guys' Xbox brainwashed him into cheating.

I was an admin on an active Counter-Strike server during the PunkBuster days. When we didn't run PB, things could get pretty bad. Basically the only solution was human intervention (keyed auto permaban generally did the trick). It's sad how fast these guys can clear a server. Nobody wants to stick around in a match where someone is racking up headshots every minute.

These lowlifes are also the kind of scum that kill perfectly viable online communities. The Brother finally stopped playing Phantasy Star Online in part because cheaters were overrunning the place.

Their excuses are the worst though. I hate when they try to compare themselves to white hats - people who honestly dig into security flaws to disclose them. I've known white hat hackers. I mean guys with records. Even the ones who end up in court over this stuff never intended to spoil anyone. They just walk a bizarre moral line between digging into security and trampling into someone's private data. To compare ruining game after game for complete strangers with leaving a text file that say "By the way, you should fix this exploit - here's how." is completely inane.

Sadly, no security is ever completely secure. So the golden rule will probably always be - try and game with those you know.

oh yeah... and I'm very annoyed that the term "modder" gets attached to these chumps.

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