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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pretty Wii-cited.

OK, so the rumormongering that the Wii will be $250 in November turned out to be the truth and the December info the rumor. Go fig.

Also exciting:

- Wii Sports bundled with. Sounds like a great title to get the hang of the wiimote.
- Pokemon multiplayer. The Brother said something of it being "GTA for the Wii". That might sound odd to the "hardcore" set, but it's fairly understandable considering the role Pokemon has had in the past for the big N.
- Extracurricular activities like the web and media browsing. Just glad to hear them talk about it. I suppose iTunes integration will be out of the question...
- Supports widescreen, SDTV friendly. If Microsoft had gone this route, I'd probably have a 360 now.

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