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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Scarface Writer On Video Game Writing

David McKenna is a movie scribe with titles like "American History X" and "Blow" under his belt. As a fan of the original movie, He recently penned the script for the Scarface game and had this to say on the experience:

"It really is a lot of work, and the pay isn't that great," McKenna said. "I think they would have to give me a bit more of an incentive to do another video game project. I know they're on really tight budgets for video games. I think that if they come to the realization that they can hire good writers to create video games, in the long run it will help sell more copies. You get what you pay for, unless writers and actors make sacrifices like we did on this game. But they're not going to be making sacrifices too many times, trust me."
-- "Scarface" writer wary of video game adaptations

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