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Thursday, June 08, 2006

PSP Indie Title: Visiting Day

Gnomes Lair ran across a new PSP title (digg it) called Visiting Game, which is being developed independently by Mike Bithell:

Synopsis of Plot
A small Welsh primary school is invaded by evil aliens, halfway between assembly and reading time. The children must fight off the aliens using whatever skills they have in order to save their beloved school, and by extension the whole of Gwent.

Play the parts of the school's inhabitants. Help the football team to keep bombs out of the school field or help the dinnerladies ward off the aliens with a particularly strong brand of custard fueled justice. Play on your own or compete with friends to see who is best prepared for the terrible future which awaits us. Visiting Day is al about fun, fast gameplay. Oh, and no loading times.

Message to console makers, be they handheld or not, people will try to homebrew your platform. Might as well make money off of a dev kit than not.

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