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Monday, June 05, 2006

"4 x 4" Gaming ... why?

"4 x 4" is the term coined by AMD to describe a platform a two duo chips and four GPUs. Since multiple card systems have become more fasionable these days, it really seems like they are crazy ahead of the curve. Granted, my little Celeron D with a fanless 6800 can barely cough up a decent session of Doom III, but it's not like I'd need any of that insanity to run the current crop of PC games.

As was pointed out to me this weekend though, I don't play competively online. I do remember the old days of Counter-Strike where it was frustrating to see the LPB's rack up the kills. This makes me like online gaming with the Nintendo DS all the more though. It's a solid, stable platform that everyone shares. Unless I can blame a win because someone has one of those fancy new Lite models...

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